Sophya Polevaya is a British composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Sophya's music connects with different edges: classical composition, improvisation, jazz, experimental sounds, the theatrical...

Her works have been performed in concert and also broadcasted on the radio.

In 2021 Sophya received the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists for her contribution to the field of composition.

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An equally accomplished multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, piano, harpsichord and classical guitar) performing her own compositions and the works of others.

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"I often sense how simple, ordinary objects can also be musical instruments and I want to show the sounds that they hold inside."

Sophya studied music at Royal Holloway, University of London, whereupon graduating she was awarded the music department's Final-Year Prize and the university's prestigious Martin Holloway Faculty Prize for outstanding achievement in her studies. She went on to study composition at the Royal Academy of Music for a masters degree, graduating with distinction.