The violin reimagined. A metamorphosis of its strings.
Both the composer and performer, Sophya presents a 22 minute solo violin work for this album.

Release date: 17th September 2020


Sophya's debut album featuring her as both composer and performer. Its inspiration: floriography and perfume.

A specially composed compilation, the album consists of saxophone solos accompanied by recorded loops and a set of miniatures created from Sophya's improvisations on different instruments.

Electric Scent is released under New England based label Ravello Records which specialises in contemporary classical music.

Release date: 15th November 2019
Label: Ravello Records [RR8024]
Format: Physical & Digital
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"The saxophone lines are often stunning with the harpsichord adding an almost Gothic off-kilter flavor. It is a journey of reorientation and disorientation that the listener undertakes in this excellently recorded and imaged release."

Within the Flames

Electric Scent

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