Tell us about your musical journey so far?

I'm a British composer and performer from and currently based in London.

As a composer, I have been fortunate to have had my music performed in concert and also broadcasted on the radio. In the past I've worked with a range of musicians and ensembles. For instance, the London Symphony Orchestra commissioned me to write an orchestral work for them as part of their 2019/2020 concert season. That being said, I also play my own compositions.

You can explore my music here.

I'm equally a professional multi-instrumentalist, performing classical and contemporary music, as well as my own. You can hire me for events here.


I formally studied music at Royal Holloway, specialising in composition and solo performance. I then went on to study at the Royal Academy of Music, London. Alongside my degree studies, I participated on various development programmes for emerging composers, which included the LSO Discovery Panufnik Composers Scheme.

In 2019 my debut album of music, Electric Scent, was released under the New England based label Ravello Records. In September 2020, Within the Flames, my work for scordatura violin and electronics, was digitally released.
Sophya Polevaya

Why music? Why be a composer and performer?

My interest in music was self-cultivated from an early age and expressed itself in different ways; now playing several instruments (saxophone, piano, harpsichord and classical guitar).

Performing and composing have become interconnected for me. I often start a piece by thinking about the performance narrative, its potential dramatic effect. Quite a few my compositions start off from my own improvisations on different instruments. Performing music has inspired me to say use sounds from found objects combined with instruments and create a performance choreography within a piece. Through my saxophone playing in particular, I developed an interest in sound transformation using effect pedals and loopstations, from that I started to compose electroacoustic music, which has become something I really enjoy doing.

How would you describe your music?

My music is a curiosity cabinet; embracing different sounds, subjects and forms of inspiration. Explore my writings on vellum and also on WRITE ∞ PLAY