**Musical Ambigrams and Insecta**

Musical Ambigrams and Insecta

Saturday 12th June 2021
Sophya Polevaya

Nature: a composition of symmetry, infinity and variation. The human eye silently discerning these three elements, their patterns and the élan vital.

Similarly, the relational creativity between sound and its calligraphy of lines and curves on paper, their nature, can be likened to a living organism with anatomical planes. In this case, polarity of silence and activity, invariance and change; an individual architecture based upon a chosen serialism of elements, proportions or processes.

Insectarium (2021) is a set of graphic scores I composed for strings (open force), inspired by the geometry of insects. Each movement intends to be radial, perceptual. The drawn contours between the staves, both connecting and deviating, define each exoskeleton, as well as the negative space (untouched, empty staves) and positive space (the subject) on the manuscript paper. The proportional relationships between the different clefs used by the instruments form each insect coeur.

The viewer will note that some of the notated lines of music within each insect are identical. There are some on the surface appear to be different but are actually twins when read in different clefs. Others are mirrors or reassemble a polycoria eye with multiple pupils, where the notated pitch has alternative cardinal point (sounding pitch) in the same portrait.

Right to left,
left to right.
Rotate us around,
the same we are
Or are we?

Sophya Polevaya 2021

Score of Jewel Beetle from Insectarium
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