Wednesday 21st April 2021
Sophya Polevaya

A living coronet
conjured from
feminal beauty and rage
once an inviting black iris
before the storm
now wide awake
on the qui vive.

Balayage barley curls
of grace
now repoussé serpentine ropes
a hexad of strength
coiling, twisting, unfurling
in polyphony
this breathing armour
akin to the Gordian knot
shaping shifting
with its own
communicable magic
allopathic to
antagonistic forces
ready to attack
and bite.

Bound to her
this spirit chevalier is
adorning Lady M
the baroque
star crossed Queen.

Spider Möbius

A trouvé
Ringing in a box
Arco and hammered
Cosmos of metal
Harmonised in hues
Notes tempered
Electric divertimenti.

Etouffé and echoed_
Nox shadow's initials:_
Hs bisbigliando and
C sharps tremolos
A camera of strings
Andante delicato.

She spins these cobwebs
On her loom
For you to find mysterious hunter
Yantra acrostics woven from her hair
Arachne her pseudonym.


Vexations performed
perpetuum mobile with the cyclops eye
its theme:
the muse disenchanted
3 voxes
the known sisters
forming order
from chaos
passionate furies
in counterpoint.

Medusa, Spider Möbius and Triad
Sophya Polevaya 2021