Spellbound Tableaux Premiere Review

Saturday 28th December 2019

"...Like ink spilt on untreated wood, chords bled from every fissure…

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An interview with Sophya Polevaya

Saturday 7th December 2019

Ahead of the world premiere of Spellbound Tableaux, Sophya talks about…

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Electric Scent Review

Friday 29th November 2019

"The saxophone lines are often stunning with the harpsichord adding an almost Gothic off-kilter flavor. It is a journey…

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The Inside Story: Sophya Polevaya and Electric Scent

Tuesday 26th November 2019

Read Sophya's interview for PARMA Recordings The…

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Album Release

Friday 15th November 2019

Sophya's debut album Electric Scent is out today! Below is a preview of the opening track. Full album…

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LSO Panufnik Commission Premiere

Saturday 23rd February 2019

Sophya is delighted to share the performance details for her LSO Panufnik commission. She is…

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