Monday 1st February 2021
by Sophya Polevaya

The first gaze:
I see a single orchid head
the floral pendant
for aquarius
with cloud petal
cluster chords
in chalk and charcoal! eternally pinned
in a canvas painted
cosmic indigo blue
accompanied by
a silent solo.

Midnight and Ma.

The second gaze:
I see a golden cocoon
of the scorpius' butterfly
a veined resin egg! cradled in
the cracked heartwood
of the pneuma
yew tree
encaged within
this blood red nest
a joyful humming bird
dancing to
my favourite étude.

Aurora and Anima.

These two coup d'œil discs
living tableaux
of moon and sun
alternate without rest
in the iris of my eye
a thaumatrope trance.