Heads or Tails

Saturday 12th December 2020
by Sophya Polevaya

Her visage of
an either/or
game of illusion.

Which feature do you see?

the beautiful
green eyes
with fluttering
feathered thorn butterflies
giving you 
a flirtatious wink.

the parted
diva lips 
whispering "Bonjour..."
tinted with benibana pigments
rouge of the safflower
key lime green / strawberry red
sour apple pieces
a tempting delice.

Her jeu de cartes is
As Qui Court 
an either/or
game of fate.

Which player will you be?

the dragonfly 'king'
admiring La belladonna
on a diamond throne
though only a peep of her 
he still
magnetically pulled in by chance
but then
rudely deterred by the
crash of bells, snares and trumpets.

the honey-eyed knave
At first hand-kissed by Lady Luck
and then
outwitted by a single cup of 
this mysterious queen's 
sweet syrup.
He is now 
broke, drunk 
and with no choice 
but to surrender 
to an ecstatic death 
forever as
an amber pendant 
in the venus fly trap
the sceptre of
La Dame de Pique.

Sophya Polevaya 2020