My Own Hand

Sunday 15th November 2020
by Sophya Polevaya

5 cards:

6 of spades
my birthdate
and 9 of spades
its paired soul card 
the two scorpion telsons
of the petal suit
tokens of
renaissance and passion
water and fire
spiralling together 
to become air 
my element.

Á bataille
these buta teardrop tails 
touch and bind to form 
a single fuchsia rose with 
a bouquet of chai.

This delicate 
soliflore brooch
grown from
an ace of clubs:
Sonya's Fiore
a perpetual rosacea. 

It is my favourite present 
from the 
queen of hearts
a sun eponym 
of she 
who gifted 
both this
rouge sovereign card 
and rose 
to me.


Sophya Polevaya 2020